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New System is a 4th generation, family owned, industrial laundry service—specializing in supporting hospitality services like restaurants and hotels, as well as the medical community. They wanted to showcase their unique personality and demonstrate that they do so much more than just getting a spot out of a tablecloth.

Their operations are actually fueled by pretty complex technology, but no one had ever wanted to peek behind the curtain. So the question was, how do we take something utilitarian and make it compelling?

OUR ANSWER: The Institute for Higher Laundry. We reframed their service offering in a fun, engaging way so they could highlight their competitive advantage and reveal their innovative approach. We spun this idea into an engaging desktop and mobile website, eye-catching fleet wraps, new marketing collateral, print ads, signage and a whole lot more.


New System can now stand tall and be bold amongst a sea of lackluster competitors. Laundry has never looked cooler.