Introducing RAU-FIPRO

REHAU is a leading provider of innovative polymer-based solutions in the construction, automotive and industries. They have always focused on creating new formulations that expand the application of polymer materials. And per that constant goal, they had a new material to launch: RAU-FIPRO.

A Unique Blend

RAU-FIPRO is a new patented material that is the only combination of both PVC and fiberglass in the market. This unique blend offers a variety of benefits, including longevity, increased structural strength and improved thermal performance.

The Results

DHX was tasked with creating a print & digital ad campaign and an engaging video to bring awareness to this material and its benefits to the key audiences: Manufactures / Fabricators, Homeowners, Architects / Contractors / Builders. The video focused on the high level key benefits and used bold imagery and animation to target the key audiences. It was distributed via social media channels and trade shows, and achieved the goal of immediate interest, enthusiasm and application.