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RE: Oregon Orchard / Case Study


The Oregon hazelnut has long been prized around the world for its exquisite flavor and rich texture—and the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon is the nation’s largest distributor, accounting for 98% of domestic production. Up until recently, they were solely operating on a wholesale model, selling to major brands like Kraft and Nutella. But they saw an enormous opportunity to leverage the superiority of the Oregon hazelnut to build a successful, direct-to-consumer product line.

THAT’S WHERE WE CAME IN… DHX was tasked with rebranding and repositioning the Oregon hazelnut as a gourmet snack nut—not just an ingredient. We started by researching competitors, identifying their niche, determining their key differentiators and crafting a strategy for market success. We explored new ideas for look and feel—playing with fonts, logos and color palettes.

Simultaneously, we provided critical support to help the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon keep their current sales channels up while this new brand was being built. We helped them build stronger, more visually compelling pitches to large retailers like Costco and Walgreens. Each retailer had their own unique wants from the brands they do business with, so we were charged with flexing the brand to meet the needs of each store—from custom pallet and aisle design to packaging. And we swiftly managed every detail, from design to the actual packaging materials vendors.


Oregon Orchard hazelnuts are now being carried in large retailers nationwide. But this story is far from over, and the brand is continuing to evolve in an exciting new direction. Stay tuned…