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RE: RelianceCM / Case Study


MegaTech of Oregon was approaching its 25th year as a contract manufacturing company. Wanting to cement their success for the next 25 years and beyond, they recognized that their company and branding needed to evolve to remain relevant amongst a large, emerging market segment: start-ups. Their current branding was dated and no longer represented the state-of-the-art services that they could provide to their customers. They needed a fresh, technology-driven brand that would speak to this new audience segment and position them for future growth.

We were happy to accept the challenge. Upon learning about the science and craft of what they do, we decided that calling them a “contract manufacturing company” no longer fit the bill. Their facility is a place of experimentation—where hypotheses are tested, challenges overcome and where ideas could come to life as fully realized products. We repositioned them as a “contract manufacturing lab” to better highlight their technological capabilities and create a stronger theme for their marketing messages.

The next step was to create a name that better reflected the evolution of the company in the market. We chose RelianceCM to illustrate the indispensable role they play in bringing their clients’ innovations to life.


MegaTech of Oregon seamlessly and successfully transitioned into the next generation of their company, positioning them to better serve the needs of their customers and ensuring their continued relevance in a changing marketplace.