The Challenge

Oregon ranks as one of the most successful states in the country in registration for organ, eye and tissue donation with about 75% of the adult population signed up to be a donor. The challenge was to engage with the reluctant and much younger 25% and communicate that organ donation is much more than simply getting a “D” on your driver license.

An Artistic Approach

To help Donate Life Northwest gain the intrigue of this 15-29 year old audience, DHX crafted messaging along the lines of something they already believed in and could relate to – recycling. Go Recycle Yourself launched in 2009 and has been incredibly successful at turning this audience into donation supporters and advocates.

This next evolution of the campaign took a more artistic approach, collaborating with local artists who illustrated real donation stories. The new website highlights the works of art as well as educates and dispels donation myths to continue the engagement efforts with younger audiences.

And the Award Goes to…

DHX couldn’t have been more excited to accept the 2019 Rosey Award for the Non-Profit category, we celebrate this win with the incredible artists and those who contributed their stories for this amazing cause.