Designing with an icon

For over 5 years, DHX has partnered with Keep Oregon Green to spread their message of forest fire prevention and reducing human-caused wildfires. This year, Keep Oregon Green came to DHX with the exciting challenge of designing a new Oregon license plate featuring the beloved Smokey Bear.

Creating the Plate

In the design phase many options were explored but Smokey Bear–who KOG has the rights to use and is celebrating his 75th anniversary–clearly rose to the top. Layout, color and design options were explored and eventually settled on a version where Smokey peeks in from the right–reminiscent of how he appeared in many historic posters.

Making it Happen

In order to make those plates a reality, Keep Oregon Green had to find 3,000 people willing to purchase a plate voucher. DHX created a social media campaign that resulted in immediate success. After news of the plate was picked up by major news stations and social media accounts, the 3,000 plate vouchers sold in a record time of 15 days.

Building on Success

The immediate success and excitement around the Smokey Bear plates has set up Keep Oregon Green for a successful fire prevention awareness campaign throughout the summer of 2019.