Protecting Oregon’s workforce

SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company and has been a client of DHX for over eight years. They are the market leader, issuing almost half of the policies in Oregon and providing coverage to more than half a million workers.

Their unique charter, mission, vision, and core commitments drive their dedication to the people, businesses, and state of Oregon. SAIF protects Oregon’s workforce and keeps industries moving.


What do you work for?

The goal of the “I Work For” campaign is to strengthen SAIF’s brand and become more relevant and relatable to the people of Oregon. People don’t really think about workers’ compensation, and some don’t even know what it is. SAIF has an opportunity to not only educate but to also own the workplace and connect with more Oregonians on an emotional level. By highlighting the special and important moments that happen at work, SAIF becomes more human and is seen as more than an insurance company.

Keeping Oregon working

This campaign was received very well by Oregonians, businesses and SAIF employees. It accomplished the goal of education and brand awareness, but also communicated a message that everyone could relate to and feel good about. We want our state to respect and be proud of SAIF and the work it does, because without SAIF we couldn’t do the work we do.