Branding Rebuilt

Over our 5-year partnership with ACME Scenic we’ve watched as they grew with the shifting industries they serve. Their capabilities and “we can do that” attitude resulted in exponential growth, but their branding struggled to keep up.

Rising to the Occasion

Chances are, if you’ve been to an incredible hotel, product launch, restaurant opening or retail space, ACME Scenic and Display had their crafty hands all over it. For their new website DHX cut through the fluff to get to what really mattered, showcasing their innovative and inspiring work. The new website is portfolio based, showing off artful images communicating the craftsmanship behind every project.


What’s Next?

Streamlined design and to-the-point manifestos translate beautifully across all devices. ACME’s voice and branding is now as strong as the concepts they dream up. Most importantly, this new site gives the user space to imagine what ACME might build next.